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KlezFactor’s third album, Europa, is now complete and available! Europa is not only a musical journey that bridges styles that originated on two different continents but it was recorded and produced on two different continents!

The first phase of recording was done in Dresden, Germany at the Blue Note Jazz Club following our concert there on July 29, 2016, recorded by engineer Christian Betz of Berlin Audio. The second phase followed with clarinetist/saxophonist Mike Anklewicz and violinist Daniel Weltlinger doing some overdubs at Christian’s studio in Berlin.

Mike Anklewicz then took the tracks back to Toronto, Canada and recorded additional tracks with Jarek Dabrowski on guitar and percussion, Paul Georgiou on percussion and special guest Ekaterina on vocals.

Europe, the place where klezmer originated, is at the heart of KlezFactor’s new project. Bandleader Mike Anklewicz brings his eclectic approach to klezmer fusion, composing eight new pieces for the new album featuring Balkan, rock, jazz and disco rhythms with Eastern European Jewish-style melodies. Europa has Anklewicz going back to the roots of klezmer and bringing them together with the diverse sounds that he heard living in cosmopolitan city of Toronto.

Europa is available now on KlezFactor’s Bandcamp page, where you can purchase it in CD or digital formats, along with the rest of KlezFactor’s catalogue.


The KlezFactor:Europa band:

Alex Bayer – bass
Mike Anklewicz – saxophone and clarinet
Finlay Panter – drums
Florian von Frieling – guitar
Daniel Weltlinger – violin


Ekaterina (l) with Georgia Hathaway

Ekaterina (l) with Georgia Hathaway


Ekaterina – vocals
Paul Georgiou – percussion
Jarek Dabrowski – additional guitars and percussion


Europa Tour

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