KlezFactor’s second album, “Klezmachine” comes from 2008 and features the hit title track (played on CBC Radio) as well as several tracks that were featured on TV and radio throughout the world!

The Band:

Mike Anklewicz – clarinet, saxophones
Ben Plotnick – violin
Ali Berkok – piano
Jarek Dabrowski – guitar
Mike Smith – bass
David MacDougall – drums


Erika Nielsen – cello
Limore – vocals

Song List

  1. Klezmachine
  2. Goldene Medine
  3. Bulgarian Dance (Kopanitsa)
  4. Waltz for Ronit
  5. The Jewce (Manischewitz)
  6. Dunash Meditation
  7. Dror Yikra
  8. Chalom
  9. Greenhouse Effect
  10. Rumanian Rhythm
  11. Gonif
  12. Shepping Nakhes