Songs from a Pandemic Winter

“Songs from a Pandemic Winter” was a pandemically created EP released by KlezFactor in digital form in 2021. Featuring five new songs including four original compositions from Mike Anklewicz and one arrangement of a traditional Yiddish song, this EP has already garnered airplay on CBC’s Big City Small World radio show.

Recorded in home studios in Canada and the USA, “Songs from a Pandemic Winter” was then compiled in Hamilton, Ontario by bandleader Mike Anklewicz! Check out YouTube for the video for Mardi Gras Fever Dream!

The Band:

Mike Anklewicz – clarinet, saxophones, percussion, MIDI programming
Kousha Nakhaei – violin
Graham Smith – bass
Jarek Dabrowski – guitar


Keith Hartshorn-Walton – tuba
Melanie Gall – vocals
Paromita Kar – handclaps
David MacDougall – drums
Paul Georgiou – percussion
Pete Rushefsky – Tsimbl
Ali Berkok – keyboard

Song List

  1. Mardi Gras Fever Dream
  2. Lake Michigan Klezmer Fantasy
  3. Third Wave Lockdown
  4. Winter’s Groove
  5. Oyfn Veg Shteyt a Boym