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Europa Tour

It’s almost here. The launch of the KlezFactor’s IndieGoGo campaign is coming in just a few days! I actually can’t wait to get our videos up for the campaign because we’ll be releasing some oldies but goodies from the KlezFactor Vault! We’ve got a lot of previously unseen video from gigs at the Junction Arts Festival, The Rex Jazz Club, the Free Times Cafe, the Ashkenaz Festival, Earl Bales Park and the Niagara Folk Arts Festival.

Not only that, but you’ll get a chance to hear from some of the band members currently over in Germany. They’re going to be making videos of their own with greetings and letting you know why they really want you to help fund KlezFactor: Europa! The European band features Alex Bayer on bass, Florian von Frieling on guitar, Daniel Weltlinger on violin and Finlay Panter on drums. We’ll tell you more about all of these great gentlemen very soon!

As you may (or may not) know, KlezFactor: Europa will be KlezFactor’s third album, recorded 10 years after the band’s debut album, The Golem of Bathurst Manor, and seven years after our second album, Klezmachine. Yes, it’s been a while since KlezFactor has been heard from but since I (finally) finished my PhD, the creative juices have been flowing!

To refresh your memory, Keith Wolzinger wrote:

The music is smooth, rich in harmonies and textures, and is unforgettable.”

At earshot!, Jim Depuis wrote that Klezmachine:

borrows from every genre imaginable and gets away with it. . . . Klezmachine has a variety of traditional tracks representing Bulgaria, Rumania and the Middle East. The fusiony selections borrow from disco, r&b, funk and rock. . . . Overall, Klezmachine is a very enjoyable CD which would appeal to fans of jazz, klezmer and other world music.

Over the next six weeks, we’re going to post some videos asking for your help meeting our goal to produce KlezFactor: Europa. How can you help? There are really three ways to help us out with the album.

  • You can donate money! Of course, for most people, this is the simplest way to help and, in the end, it will let us pay our engineers, mixers, masterers, designers and, of course, musicians! Rest assured, the money will be put to good use and the fact that we’re recording in Germany (and the Czech Republic) means that the funding is going to go further.
  • You can spread the word. This is also a crucial way to make KlezFactor: Europa a reality. Crowdfunding is all about networks and we bet that you know lots of people that you connect with on social media every day! All you have to do is share our IndieGoGo campaign. But don’t just share. Let the people in your network know that their assistance is really important to creating new music!
  • Finally, you can help in another way. Perhaps you can help us find great new venues to perform, or you know someone who can get us a deal on merchandise, or you know designers who can help us with the album artwork! We’re looking for facilitators as well as creative types!

We’ll have more information coming about WHY you should support KlezFactor but, be ready! KlezFactor action (“klezfaction”?) is coming your way!

Stay tuned for more on the upcoming KlezFactor: Europa IndieGoGo campaign, the band’s tour and Mike Anklewicz and Paromita Kar’s upcoming travels, adventures and performances!

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