Time is Running Out!


Time is running out to help support KlezFactor: Europa! Our Indiegogo campaign closes in less than three days and we can use all of the help you can provide!

Come on by and check out our Indiegogo campaign, where you can see what KlezFactor has been up to since the band was founded in 2004 . . .

You can meet the band . . .

And you can get an update on the Tour of Awesome™ . . .

There are great perks including digital downloads of Europa, CD copies of the album, the entire KlezFactor library, a book of sheet music and a limited edition photobook featuring many of photos from the Tour of Awesome™ as well as photos from the band’s upcoming tour and recording sessions.

Any contribution is welcome and we’ve got just three days before the Indiegogo campaign closes, so head over there, pick your perk and help us make KlezFactor: Europa.

You can also support us by sharing this campaign with your friends and family. The more people who know about it, the better.

If you’re in Berlin, Dresden or Prague, you can also come by our shows! Buy tickets, bring the family and order plenty of food and drinks so that the venues that we’re playing in like us and want to have us back again!

But mostly, go to the Indiegogo campaign. The more money we can get through contributions like yours, the faster Europa will be finished. It’s a big job to self-produce a CD: we’ve done it twice before! It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money but we’re proud of the results of the first two albums and we know that we’ll be proud of the Europa with lots of new music on the way!

There are just a few days left to contribute to KlezFactor: Europa on Indiegogo. You can make a difference and help us make Europa as good as it can be!

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