Three-Two . . . One Song from Europa


Alex Bayer (l), Florian von Frieling, Daniel Weltlinger. Photo: Christian Betz

We’re very proud to release a live video of the first new song that will be on our next CD, Europa, coming in 2016: Three-Two.

Three-Two was actually composed back in 2013 for a gig that I performed with a different project, the Ru’akh Trio that performed at the City Winery in New York that summer. With Daniel Ori on bass and Kevin Zubek on drums, we performed an very pared down version of Three-Two but it was a tune that I reworked a bit and added the violin and guitar parts to when I was preparing the music for Europa.

While this is the first “new” song that we’re releasing audio material from, there are actually songs out there on Europa that you may have already heard. Asakh Noten and Freylekhs in Zibn are both going to be appearing on Europa and you can catch 2012 versions of them on Youtube by clicking the links.

The rest of Europa is going to be teased over the next few months. There are five more original compositions featured on the album (and one “cover” song) to come. Two were composed since about April, specifically for Europa. One was composed originally for my sister’s wedding, another for the same New York gig that Three-Two was, and one was rescued from the “discard” pile of compositions that weren’t ready several years ago.

But here is Three-Two. I thought the energy and creativity from the band was incredible in this live performance from Dresden at the Blue Note Jazz Club. It starts with Alex Bayer’s virtuosic bass solo, followed by Florian von Frieling’s moody and atmospheric guitar solo. I love what Daniel Weltlinger did during the clarinet solo, providing a rich backdrop me to play with and Fin Panter’s drums are sensitive throughout the whole piece.

Thanks go to Christian Betz for his audio engineering and video work as well as Paromita Kar for her camera work.

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