The Road to Europa: B-Flat

Blue Flo

In late July 2015, it was finally time to start KlezFactor’s tour. After five weeks of traveling with Paromita in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Kazakhstan, it was good to be on familiar ground back in Berlin, a city I called home for about a year, where I knew the territory and could speak the language . I was finally clear of my illnesses that plagued me towards the end of the Turkey stay and into our time in Kazakhstan.



My return to Berlin got off to a rocky start when our bags did not appear at the luggage conveyor at Tegel airport after our arrival from Istanbul. Apparently, a bag sorting machine had broken down just as we were having our two-hour layover in Turkey on the way back from Astana. Exhausted after the overnight flight and early morning layover, Paromita and I waited patiently at the luggage complaint counter for non-Lufthansa airlines (after it took me a couple of trips to find the office). I found a vending machine with the distinctly German soda Mezzo Mix, a blend of cola and orange soda, but that was about all we could do for breakfast. After about an hour and a half, we lodged our baggage claim and went to our hotel, finding the positive in the situation that at least we didn’t have to schlep our big bags with us.

Several days later, after rehearsing a couple of times, it was time to begin the tour! We headed to B-flat for sound check and when we started playing, we were greeted with one of the best audiences I’ve ever performed for. It was the second time I’ve performed at B-flat and no matter how big the crowd was (we had a full house that Tuesday night), they’ve always given us complete silence when we get on stage. It’s an amazing experience for an artist who works in the spaces between silences to actually be provided with that framing silence at the beginning of a performance.

Here’s a video from the Berlin show to illustrate how we started the tour and how amazing the audience was!

After the show, we were all looking forward to the next day when we would load up the van (i.e., Flo’s “Kombi”), pick up a package of CDs that my Dad had mailed from Canada (good thing, too; we had sold out in Berlin) and head south to Dresden!


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