Europa’s First Review!

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Europa has received its first review . . . and it’s in Dutch (well, likely Flemish). Thanks go out to the folks at Rootsville, a Belgium-based European music blog that reviews world and roots music.

Excerpts include:

‘Europa’ is een signature van deze ‘KlezFactor’ en weten hier een perfecte mix te brengen van Klezmer en Jazz waarbij beide liefhebbers hun gade gaan vinden bij het beluisteren van dit album.

Or, as Google translate tells us that “‘Europe’ is a signature of this’ KlezFactor and know here bring a perfect blend of Klezmer and Jazz where both lovers will find their meeting when listening to this album.”

The reviewer also calls it “a perfect marriage of klezmer and jazz” and “definitely a must for its fans.”


In other news, our bandleader, Mike Anklewicz, was interviewed for the Canadian Jewish News in an article about the new album!


While digging for reviews of Europa, we found a shoutout from four years ago from filmmaker and writer Karen Shenfeld. Karen was interviewed about her book “My Father’s Hands Spoke in Yiddish” on the Matilda Magtree blog for the (at)eleven series of chats with writers. Karen mentioned wanting to title her book “The Golem of Bathurst Manor” (great minds think alike):

I’m so glad you’ve asked me about the golem! Because the golem poems are truly at the heart of my book. (In fact, I originally wanted to call the book The Golem of Bathurst Manor, but my publisher, Antonio D’Alfonso, did not think that enough people would be familiar with the Jewish folkloric figure.)

Shenfield went on to speak …. about us! “By the way, a Toronto indie band, by the name of KlezFactor, has coincidentally put out a CD of klezmer-infused jazz music called The Golem of Bathurst Manor. I listened to KlezFactor’s music on the band’s Myspace site and I think it’s great! The music is available for sale from CD Baby and iTunes.”

Thanks Karen!

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KlezFactor: Europa is now available! Visit our Bandcamp page for more info about how to purchase a CD or digital download!

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