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Welcome to KlezFactor’s first Indiegogo campaign! We are now live on the site and you can head over there and check out what it’s all about.

As you may know, we’re raising the money to pay for our next album, KlezFactor: Europa. This album will be recorded this summer in a series of concerts ranging from Berlin to Prague with a fantastic international group of musicians based in Berlin.

Why record in Europe? Well, ever since I spent 2012 playing with these musicians I wanted to capture the vitality and freshness that this group had. This tour is the perfect opportunity to get this band on “tape” in a live setting where they sound so great!

Why “Europa”? Klezmer’s origin is in Europe and I’ve always been inspired throughout my travels by the variety and eclecticism of the music in Europe. This new album contains influences from traditional klezmer as well as many other European and world musics.

Why Indiegogo? I know people who have been successful with this model and it’s probably the only way to fund niche musics these days. It also gives the power to the listener to take the initiative and help get independent music created. In today’s market, this is how Indie music flourishes: with the help of the community in which it exists.

How can I help?

  • You can donate to the campaign. We’re asking for enough money to not only pay our recording engineer, designer, mixing and mastering crew and duplication company. We’re raising money to help pay the musicians for their time, their effort and their art. Please donate as much or as little as you can and, if you check out the perks, you may find some unique and appealing offerings.
  • Share the campaign with anyone who loves klezmer, independent music, the arts, or Yiddish culture. Social networks are powerful. Let’s spread the word as widely as we can!
  • Offer to help out! Do you have a talent or skill that can help us reach our goal? Contact us via info@klezfactor.com

Here’s our first campaign video that we hope you’ll enjoy. If you’ve been following KlezFactor, it takes us back through 10 years of music.

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