Turn the Klezmachine Up To High


Today’s Video of the Day features a performance that might not be the most “perfect” but it certainly was full of energy! We take the “WayBack” machine back to September of 2010 and a performance of “Klezmachine” at the Junction Arts Festival in Toronto.

This tune was composed back in 2008 and became the title track of our second album. Since klezmer is primarily a dance form, I was looking at blending the modes and melodic types that were found in klezmer with the rhythms and grooves of funk and R&B. Inspired by James Brown’s “Sexmachine” and Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” (that influence is more evident on the album version of the tune), “Klezmachine” became a funky, toe-tapping tune.

In this performance we were joined by Jaron Freeman-Fox on violin. Jaron has gone on to do some pretty amazing things with his band The Opposite of Everything and his performances with KlezFactor imbued the band with his unique energy and electric violin eclecticism, which can be heard on this track (and another one coming tomorrow).

Playing with KlezFactor for the first time (and doing a fantastic job) was Michael-Owen Liston on bass while Jarek Dabrowski provided stellar guitar work. David MacDougall was on the drums and I blame him for the relentless of energy of this performance. This was probably the fastest we’ve every played “Klezmachine” and the breakneck tempo forced us to really focus in!

Here’s the video!



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