Meet the Band: Indiegogo Campaign Video #2


That’s right folks, it’s time to meet the band! KlezFactor’s European ensemble features some fantastic musicians from all over the world. Returning from the 2012 shows in Germany are Alex Bayer on bass, Florian von Frieling on guitar and Finlay Panter on the drums. Joining us for this tour is the amazing violinist, Daniel Weltlinger who comes from Australia originally.

Alex splits his time between Berlin and Nuremberg while Flo is from Germany and studied jazz guitar in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Fin hails from Liverpool, England so the band has a member from the hometown of the Beatles!

Click the link, meet the band and come join us as we get ready to record KlezFactor: Europa!

Have you ever wanted to see what KlezFactor’s music looks like on the page? With a $75 contribution to our Indiegogo Campaign you’ll get a signed, limited edition book of KlezFactor’s original music from all three of our albums! Make your contribution towards KlezFactor: Europa today! Just follow the link above.

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