Happy New Year from KlezFactor

KlezFactor at Jazz Dock in Prague

KlezFactor at Jazz Dock in Prague

Shana Tova everyone! We hope that your new year is off to a sweet beginning; it’s 5776 on the Jewish calendar and we’ll ring in the new year with a little fragment of music.

We have been hard at work recording tracks for Europa and we’re going to share a little excerpt of what today’s hard work brought us.

Paul Georgiou was over today recording multiple percussion tracks and nothing really displays his unique talent for creating a matrix of fascinating rhythms that this little excerpt that we’re going to share. Yes, you can hear a little bleeding from the band in the drum track but listen for the way that Paul worked with the existing drums to fill space in a fantastic way.

There’s still lots more to come from KlezFactor. Paul has more work to do over the coming weeks and months and we’ve also been adding some guitar and we’ll be bringing in a terrific singer for a big surprise on the album.

Shana Tova ve Metuka

Happy and Sweet New Year for 5776.

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