New Audio Clip! Live from Prague!


This post is coming a little late thanks to having to fix some behind-the-scenes issues here at Now that that’s taken care of, we can bring you, all of our fans, our latest clip that we’ve posted online!

It’s taken a while to get all of the audio from our Prague gig into a format that’s been more “malleable” for production and mixing purposes but now that it’s done, we can bring you some of the tracks that we played there.

What you’ll hear, when you visit our Soundcloud page, is a new version of Asakh Noten, one of the upcoming tunes on “Europa.” While this tune has been around in our repertoire for several years (and you can see a YouTube clip of it on our “music” page), it’s finally been recorded and will be available soon!

This version of Asakh Noten is particularly memorable for some of the collective improvisation that the band did towards the end of Florian von Frieling’s guitar solo. You’ll hear me on clarinet, Daniel Weltlinger on violin and, our special guest, Ondrej Galuska, on trombone all playing some rather silly backgrounds before we head back to the melody of the tune.

Enjoy and, if we don’t see you by then, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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Stay tuned for more coming about “Europa,” KlezFactor’s first new album since 2008!

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