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Greetings, folks! After the first really nice weekend in Toronto, it feels like we’re really getting into the swing of things. There are so many updates about KlezFactor, the Europa CD, and my participation in Klezmer in Toronto coming up but the first one deals with an exciting project that I’ll be busy with next weekend.

The Mike Anklewicz/Brian Katz Trio is getting off the ground with two performances (on back-to-back days) beginning with Sunday, May 29 at the Free Times Cafe. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ve been playing the brunch there for probably around a decade now and it’s great to be playing with Brian Katz (guitar) and Jim Sexton (bass). The Brunch is a $21.95 All-You-Can-Eat Jewish style buffet with enough blintzes, latkes, bagels, cream cheese and other tasty goodies to make you plotz! For reservations, call 416-967-1078.

If you’ve never heard Brian play, he’s a staple of the Toronto new Jewish music scene. He’s an amazing musician who blends the traditional and the improvisatory on classical guitar and has played with people like Lenka Lichtenberg and Martin van de Ven (his and Martin’s CD called “Collected Stories” is just beautiful). Jim is a versatile bassist who plays jazz and klezmer and everything under the sun! He’s played with me several times at the Free Times and it’s always great to hear his interesting basslines thumping away.

Our second performance is coming at Jewish Music Week, where we play The Terraces at Baycrest (55 Ameer Ave.) at 2:00PM on Monday, May 30. Our selection of tunes will be very similar, although we’ll be sticking more to the traditional klezmer style for JMW. Billed as “The KlezFactor Trio,” Brian, Jim and I will be performing a traditional variety of klezmer tunes with a little bit of extra information packed in there. I’ll be using that good old PhD that I did studying Klezmer music to tell you all about the history and some of the interesting facts about each of the tunes. Whether you come to learn more about klezmer or you just want to hear some great music, come out on Monday, May 30 to hear “The KlezFactor Trio”!

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We have a date booked for the release of KlezFactor: Europa! More information coming soon!

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